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What we offer


Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Inclusive in all Chiropractic treatments are a combination of Chiropractic manipulation, muscle therapies (including ART, Graston, PNF) and home protocols to facilitate increased range of motion and better motor control.

Therapeutic Massage

We have RMT's who have amazing skills in identifying "source areas" of dysfunction in order to not only get you feeling better but more importantly moving better.

OWCH massage Therapist offer;

Sport Massage

Theraputic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Dynamic Cupping 

Functional Taping

Exercise Rehabilitation

In house functional training with an excercise rehabilitation specialist who will focus on strengthening specific to the individuals needs.

Therapeutic Functional Movement Classes

 At OWCH we offer a very unique and hands on approach to rehabilitation. Our "Therapeutic Functional Movement Class" or "TFMC"  is a prescribed treatment program which gives patients the tools to move more efficiently.

 In this day and age we see the same functional patterns happening over and over again. The symptoms often vary but the source is usually quite consistent. The reason this occurs is likely due to repetition. We do the same small movements all day, we sit much more than we should, and our stress levels are often extremely high. Treatments help us move better temporarily and promotes healing; "therapeutic movement" helps keep us moving with balance and strength to prevent the next relapse. Furthermore, these are movements that almost everyone can and should do. They are foundation movements that benefit you whether you are an athlete recovering from injury, or you suffer from everyday aches and pains.  

 In order to access these classes we must provide an initial examination via a Chiropractor to make sure that you don't have an underlying complicating factors. If you qualify then you are placed with a healthcare specialist who walks you step by step through this Doctors prescribed treatment class. Since this will be part of your treatment plan we add it to your treatment modalities under the umbrella of Chiropractic care. This means that you may access your benefits to learn how to take care of yourself.  

 Come find out why this new model of health management is so effective in getting people moving better and feeling better. Start healing yourself and maintaining better general health and quality of life. 

Call to book your assessment today or if you are already a patient, just book your class and feel the results!   

About Us

Choose your Health


What if the goal of healthcare was not to be fixed but rather to learn to fix yourself!

Move Happier!


Our patients leave with energy and a better understanding of their own health

We Give you the Tools


We get you feeling and moving bettter and we give you the tools to stay healthier....

Our Philosophy


Chiropractic Philosophy blends an effective combination of conviction, critical thinking, open-mindedness, and appreciation of the natural order of things.  We focus on the natural healing abilities of the human body by guiding the musculo-skeletal system toward its optimum state of wellness. This is done through biomechanical analysis of body motion (or lack thereof) in order to detect the sources of dysfunction, which is often associated to some degree of discomfort. When the source of dysfunction is determined, the goal is to stimulate natural health via chiropractic manipulation, which is fortified by massage therapy and exercise counseling.  Chiropractic focuses on the establishment and maintenance of a relationship between patients and their environment which is most conducive to functional well-being.

Our Personal Promise

At Off Whyte Chiropractic & Health we promise to provide to you our best service. We are all health care personnel who have chosen to be part of an idea, which promotes positive and active patient care in an environment that emphasizes wellness and caring.  Dr. Andre Breault and his team have one main goal: to improve the client’s quality of life

Our Mission

Off Whyte Chiropractic & Health wishes to administer palliative as well as wellness care. This means that we treat people who are in pain and/or have restriction but we also believe in preventative care of patients with no noticeable discomfort who simply want to maintain an optimum state of health and lead active and healthy lifestyles. We want to give our patients the greatest opportunity to live long healthy lives. Dr. Andre Breault believes that an empowering, active and fun environment is ideal for the healing process. It is his mission to show his patients that they are the true “healers” and that we are simply your guiding resources.

Therapeutic Classes



Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 


This class welcomes all ages and types of injuries.  The small class size ensures you receive individual attention to your specific needs.  Learn how to effectively use a foam

roller to reduce pain and prevent injuries.                                    

Register for classes by calling 780 430-5909



 Tuesdays 12:00-12:45   12:45-1:30  Thursdays 6:00-6:45pm  

$40/session with direct billing


Experience for yourself why this new model of health management is so effective in allowing people to

 move better & feel better. 

Start healing your body to maintain a 

better quality of life and over all health.

 Please dress in gym/workout attire. 


Register for classes by calling 780 430-



 Thursday 5:00-6:00


The focus in this class is to build 360

degree core strength &

endurance; as well as learning

flexibility strategies to 

improve posture and function.     


Register for classes by calling 780 430-5909

Meet the Crew

Dr André Breault Chiropractor BSc, D.C.


Recipient of the 2017 YEG Fitness

 Best Chiropractor Award. 

 Dr. André Breault completed a 4 year degree in Biological Sciences at the U of A and then received his Chiropractic Doctorate at Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose California.  André is passionate about Health!  He believes that the body heals itself when it is asked to move correctly.  This is why he always applies the rules of functional movement when caring for his patients.  When not at work, André loves to be with famliy & friends, he is always on the move...or on the Soccer Pitch! 

Dr. Leila Elzein Chiropractor D.C.


 Dr. Elzein was born and raised in Edmonton.  She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA in 2001 and has been practicing in Edmonton since 2002.  She is committed to utilizing a variety of Chiropractic techniques, Active Release Techniques, Graston technique and Rehabilitation exercises to help patients  move better, feel better, perform  better.  Outside of the clinic, Dr. Elzein enjoys spending time with her family and friends, golfing, camping, biking, playing hockey and keeping active. 

Trevor Jordan Massage Therapist R.M.T


  Trevor Jordan is a graduate of a 2200 hour Massage Therapy program at CDI College and MH Vicars School of Massage. He has also been a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) since graduating in 2007. He is an accomplished competitive basketball player. He has played at a high level and most recently played with both of Edmonton’s professional basketball teams. Trevor's expertise is in both therapeutic and sports massage. As well as relaxation and pre/post natal massage therapy.    

Allyson Lund Massage Therapist R.M.T


 Allyson Lund graduated the comprehensive clinical massage therapy program at Grant MacEwan University. She belongs to the Massage Therapy Association of Alberta, which direct bills to all insurance companies who provide direct billing to registered therapists. Ally brings a dynamic view to massage therapy by including myofascial cupping and functional stretching. Specializing in rehabilitation and MVA’s (motor vehicle accidents), she has experience working alongside many holistic health practitioners. 


Jodi Sadoway Massage Therapist R.M.T


Jodi Sadoway graduated from Mount Royal College Massage Therapy Program in 1995 and is a member of the NHPC.  Her specialties include Dynamic Cupping,Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage. 

Erin Kathan Therapeutic Movement Instructor NASM



Erin Kathan is a personal fitness trainer (NASM), holistic health practitioner (HHPR), Power Vinyasa yoga instructor, and nutrition coach (PN). Erin specializes in corrective exercise, yoga, body fat reduction programs, as well as hockey and golf specific strength and conditioning programs. She has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for the past 17 years. She uses a holistic approach with every client, considering everything from a person's sleep, stress levels, daily dietary routine, habitual movement patterns, previous injuries, and much more in order to get a clear picture into each clients' current situation in order to be able to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Contact her on facebook at Wellness SOULutions by Erin Kathan or by email aterinkathan@gmail.com

Katie Otto Massage Therapist R.M.T


Bio coming soon!

Justin Frederick Personal Trainer ACSM CPT, Pn1


Justin Frederick is a Personal Trainer who grew up playing soccer and has 14 seasons of division 1 & 2 play under his belt. He has also played 2 seasons of senior men’s football. Justin began strength training during university and quickly became passionate about health and fitness. He saw firsthand the positive changes that strength brings to life and decided to pursue a means to share his passion with others. Justin has been a trainer since 2013 and his training style focuses on turning your weaknesses into strengths, along with ensuring your whole body functions the way it is designed to.


Behind the Scenes

Sylvia Short Office Administrator


"Hi", Sylvia here, I've been working with Chiropractors for over 23 yrs now.  If I'm not at the office you can find me hanging out with my twin sister (YES there's two of us) & our Chihuahuas.  Besides my love of travel, you might also run into me at Tattoo/Horror/ Movie or Music Fests.!! ;)

Christina Breault Property & Communications Management


In addition to working at the family business, OWCH, Christina is a Ballet Instructor at Marr Mac Dance.  Christina adores cooking, practicing yoga, listening to music, spending time with friends, and most of all being with her children and husband.   

Price List

owch will direct bill your insurance company

Contact Us

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We love our patients, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Off Whyte Chiropractic & Health

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Massage appointments available beginning at 7:00 am

**Hours vary with each practitioner, please call to make an appointment.**


FREDERICK FITNESS with Justin Frederick 


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